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Six free pairs per year of Corsinel Ostomy Support Underwear are available through the Stoma Appliance Scheme.

To order, find the product code above the price, then order through your Australian Ostomy Association. 

CODE: PSTY-353352-FH

Corsinel Regular underwear is designed to provide optimum fixation and support of an ostomy pouch. The underwear also supports and retains abdominal hernias.

Wearing the underwear makes daily and strenuous activities easier to perform. The underwear enhances a smooth appearance, providing discretion and encouraging participation in social life.

The strong upper part of the Corsinel Regular underwear supports the pouch and/or hernia. The lower part is in a softer material that makes the garment easier to put on and take off.

The underwear has 4-way stretch, which provides perfect adaption to body contour. Skin-Friendly material prevents allergic reaction, redness or skin irritation in general. Seamless knitting ensures optimum wearer comfort. The underwear is designed for use day and night.


Corsinel Support underwear is specially developed to provide additional fixation and support of an ostomy pouch. The underwear also supports and relieves a parastomal hernia, umbilical hernia, epigastric hernia or abdominal scar hernia. The support from the underwear offers relief, alleviation, assists mobility, counteracts sense of gravity, thereby providing pain relief. The underwear may also reduce the risk of developing a hernia.


Make sure the garment is not compromising lung functions. We advise against using the underwear during pregnancy, by acute abdomen, abdominal compartment syndrome, presence of ascites fluid or general discomfort/pain in the abdominal region. Please consult your doctor if you suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, if you experience unexpected discomfort, stoma or skin irritation or if you have any questions regarding use. If urgent need for removal of product, open with scissors.

Measuring Tips:

  • Do the measuring at the widest abdominal circumference (on the area that's supposed to be covered by the belt of course)
  • Choose a size according to the measurement, but ensure that the belt feels supportive as well as comfortable when the he-part of the belt is fixed in the middle position of hook & loop. The reason for the fixation in the middle position of the hook & loop is that this ensures that the support level can always be adjusted (tightened or loosened). If the user for instance looses weight, it is possible to tighten the belt. If the user gains weight or has had a 3 course meal, it's possible to loosen the belt (for a while or permanent).
  • Always assess the user when he/she lies, sits and stands to make sure you've chosen an appropriate size that feels supportive as well as comfortable in every position. If the belt feels too tight, when sitting, it's advisable to choose a bigger size.
  • Also take the following factors into consideration: Sedentary work, general daily activity level (mainly active or bedridden for instance) and choose a size that feels supportive as well as comfortable according to work and general activity level
  • Compression is tolerated individually. Some tolerate compression well, some don't tolerate compression well. Therefore, always assess perceived compression level. If compression level isn't tolerated well, choose a bigger size.

Measure at the widest abdominal circumference

NOTE: for more support go down one size and for less support go up one size

IMPORTANT: Always measure yourself to find the right size

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