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Cura1 Premium Under Mattress Pad with Cord

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Under-Mattress Pressure Pads are completely invisible to the patient, and are less obtrusive when the bed linen is changed.

For superior patient comfort, these pressure pads are placed under the mattress where they are non-intrusive to both patient and caregivers.  Caregivers and staff can perform routine tasks such as linen changes without having to be concerned with disturbing the pad.


  • Superior patient comfort.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.
  • Can be used to replace existing above-mattress pads.
  • Guaranteed 12 months life expectancy.
  • Vent holes in neck reduces risk of moisture ingress.
  • Reinforced eyelets for fixing pads to bed frame.
  • Operation instructions printed on pad for easy reference.
  • Internal reinforcing for extra durability.

Technical Specifications
* Pad Dimensions: 800mm x 290mm
* Recommended weight range: 50kg - 200kg
* Material: Non allergenic PVC

The pressure pads come with our standard one year guarantee. You can expect virtually no false alarms for the life of the product.

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