Levabo Turn All Lateral Turning System

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The new Levabo Turn All® lateral turning system has been developed to assist clinicians and carers in acute, aged, community, and home care settings. It is designed to streamline the delivery of consistent and effective pressure care for vulnerable immobile patients, with pre-existing pressure injuries, as well as provide protection for those at risk of developing them, by automating the regular lateral turning of these patients.

Benefits of the Turn All™ System

  • Comprehensive pressure relief
  • Assists in protecting ‘at risk immobile patients from developing pressure areas
  • An effective aid in the treatment of patients with pre-existing pressure injuries
  • Comfortable and doesn’t interrupt regular sleep pattern
  • Almost silent operation
  • Significantly reduces the risk of manual handling injuries, for health care staff, especially when caring for patients of significant size
  • Gentle and comfortable repositioning, even for palliative care patients experiencing pain.
  • Side support function reduces the risk of shear while providing reassurance to the patient, as they are being gently and regularly repositioned
  • Significantly reduces the workload on individual carers, freeing up time for other clinical tasks
  • Improved microclimate and blood circulation
  • Robust, durable, and reliable
  • Designed to function underneath a removable mattress, on a wide range of standard care beds
  • Provides consistent “head-to-toe” support
  • Significantly decreases the time carers need to dedicate to manually turning the patient, significantly reducing their exposure to the risk of injury