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Push Med Elbow Brace

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The Push med Elbow Brace provides a continuously adjustable extension limiter for the elbow joint to prevent overstretching. The required degree of restriction can be easily adjusted with one hand. The strap system can withstand considerable pulling forces from different angles and is extremely functional. The anatomical fit and silicon application ensure that the brace remains in position when moving.

Correct use of your brace requires a detailed diagnosis of the cause of your pain complaints or instability. Always consult your GP, a physiotherapist or a specialist before applying the brace.


  • Restriction due to overstretching (capsular clamping)
  • Persistent complaints following elbow dislocations and/or fractures
  • Degenerative complaints to the elbow joint


How do I choose a brace?

If a brace has been prescribed or recommended, it is wise to go to a professional establishment that specialises in medical aids or rehabilitation articles. Some physiotherapists sell braces and they can also give you good advice. Choosing the right size and type of brace requires additional know-how. Always consult an expert for this kind of specialised work.

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