SafeHip AirX Open Hip Protector - Unisex

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SafeHip® AirX™ is a 100% textile hip protector with the protector shield based on AirX™ spacer fabric technology, which is a breathable, skin friendly and soft textile material. The AirX™ technology is your guarantee for optimal compliance.

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  • For hospitals, nursing homes or at home
  • Ideal for heavy to double incontinence
  • Designed to be worn with an incontinence devices
  • Excellent for nighttime use
  • Ideal for individuals suffering from dementia, dizziness or reduced physical strength
  • Facilitates change of diapers
  • Sewn-in shields for optimal protection
  • Washable at up to 95°C, can be tumble dried at high temperatures
  • Complies with disinfection control requirements


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