Six Channel Cordless Falls Monitor

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Simple operation and maintenance. No more cords between monitor and pads. Can be used with up to six cordless sensor pads or other triggering devices.
  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Monitor up to 7 pads or mats simultaneously
  • Works with a single Premium pad/mat, and up to six Cordless pressure pads/mats
  • Comes with durable ABS plastic enclosure and Caregiver Reset Key
  • Alarm memory and auto re-arm
  • Amber LED visual alarm indicator
  • Caregiver secure reset option
  • Battery operated or optional external plug pack
  • Up to 6 months battery life (nominal)
  • Easy to access battery compartment
  • Can be connected to a nurse call system
  • 3 selectable alarm tones
  • Easy thumbwheel adjustable alarm volume
  • “Pause” feature allows only caregiver to attend the patient without setting the alarm off.
  • Alerts for lost nurse call connection, lost AC power supply & low battery

Safety Features

  • Non resettable “Pad Signal Lost” warning
  • Caregiver secure reset option
  • All safety alerts sound even if alarm volume set to silent, including low battery, AC lost, pad signal lost & nurse call lost.
  • Cable strain relief & breakaway cord technology prevents damage & helps reduce risk of entanglement when used with Premium Pads & Mats.

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