Pinkies - Absorbent Sheets

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Product Description

Pinkies have been constructed from non-woven PAA material with a high water absorbing resin and pink waterproof PE backing. Crystals have been sandwiched between the “quilted” fabric layers and will absorb liquids. The material is kind to the skin - the patient will feel dry. Pinkies are disposable and environmentally friendly. Hygienic and saves on laundry bills.


  • Emergency cover for stretchers
  • Patient underpad
  • Worktop/work area covers
  • Protection of areas vulnerable to damaging secretions
  • Drop sheet



Small - Box of 80: 60cm x 60cm - 1.5L absorbency

Medium - Box of 50: 60cm x 90cm - 2L absorbency

Large - Box of 24: 60cm x 180cm - 4L absorbency