AlbacMat - Rescue Mat

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Product Description

The AlbacMat Emergency Rescue Mat has been designed with safety, for both the rescuer and patient being of paramount importance.

The AlbacMat is designed to slide over all types of surfaces. It is a stretcher like design, with polypropylene filling that when in storage is half the size of a rolled up sleeping bag. Constructed with heat-resistant material it is moved by a rescuer – enabling rescues to be performed as fast as physically possible.

The AlbacMat is constructed from customised materials – including polypropylene board and a lightweight canvas material. These materials have been extensively tested in all types of situations (including strength, flame and heat conducted by CSIRO). The AlbacMat is manufactured to Australian Standards 2755 and has the CE mark (Class I).

The polypropylene board acts as an insulator to the patient and air pockets provide ‘cushioning’ for stairs or in the event of rough terrain. It also enables the AlbacMat to ‘glide’ over all types of surfaces. This includes carpet and vinyl, as well as concrete, bitumen and grass, making it simple and easy for rescuers while being comfortable for the patient.

We offer 2 sizes of the AlbacMat – Standard and Large. All sizes are manufactured to strict quality control with weight capacity to 470kg (safe load tested: 160kg)