Safe Works Process for the retrieval of a bariatric patient from their bed at home !

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Summary of process for retrieval of patient from a bed at home.


Unload Equipment-laden Maxi-Trolley

Position equipment-laden Maxi-trolley as close as possible to patient

Inflate HoverJack next to bed

Position and inflate HoverMatt under patient 

Slide patient to HoverJack

Deflate HoverJack

Slide patient to Maxi-trolley

Inflate HoverJack next to Maxi-trolley

Slide patient to Maxi-lift stretcher on Maxi-trolley

Load Maxi-lift stretcher to ambulance

Load ambulance stretcher to Maxi-trolley

Load Maxi-trolley to bariatric vehicle

Ambulance transports patient on Maxi-lift stretcher to hospital

Bariatric vehicle follows ambulance to hospital with ambulance stretcher



To see a bariatric retrieval from home to hospital tune in to Ambulance Australia Season 2 Episode 7. See preview below



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