Top 5 things to consider when renting or buying a commode !!

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Toilet Height (A)

The height of the toilet bowl must be lower than the distance from the underside of the commode’s metal support frame to the distance of the floor. Electrically adjustable commodes can usually be raised far enough to clear the top of the toilet bowl.

Distance from a Side wall (B)

The distance from the center of the toilet bowl to the side wall must be more than 50% of the overall width of the commode. This is to ensure that you are able to manoeuvre the commode into place for the patient.

Distance from Back wall (C)

The distance from the back wall (or front of cistern) to the centre of the toilet bowl must be more than the measurement from the centre of the commode opening to the rear of the commodes frame/handles.

Room and Bathroom door openings (D)

Is the door way wide enough to fit the commode? Many people measure that bathroom door way to see if the commode will fit but end up forgetting about the rooms doorway.

The Sanitary pail (E)

Does the commode come with a disposable or reusable sanitary pail? If you are using one you already have, will it fit its designed slot? Will it fit into the facilities bed pan washer?

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